Rituals to unbewitch Finance #Occupy |Festival d’Aurillac

Special Agricultural Market

The rituals to break spells of the finance spread in the shape of a temporary occupation where new collective rites take place, aiming at changing our economical system. The public is invited in a place of sharing and experimentation of artistic and witches practices. A place where we are asked to cut symbolically the link, the control of high finance on our lives and on the rural world, so as to find again, here and now, in our daily life, some strength to invent a new world.
To go beyond this state of prevention, of suffocation, requires to break something like bewitchment, like stunned helplessness. These rituals are dedicated to farmers in need, to give them the strength to get to what they can’t even think about, to serenity , to open up new perspectives. Loop-s is an interdisciplinary platform, at the crossroads of art, journalism and social sciences.
Founded in Brussels in 2015, Loop-s carries out artistic and cultural projects in very various contexts, putting together artists, citizens and activists. Désorceler la finance includes the creation of rituals, of participative workshops, of experimental conferences about finance considered through the prism of witchcraft.


Festival International de Théâtre de Rue d’Aurillac / France


From 22 to 24th august 2019:

Thursday 22 august 2019
– 11h11 – Agora : Rising land prices and farmers’ debts: transforming the relationship to land
– 13h13 – Participatory workshop : potions + amulets
– 15h15 – Ritual for the release of financial burdens
– 21h21 – Ritual to unbewitch the land market
– 23h23 – Ritual to unbewitch the farmers’ debt

Vendredi 23 août 2019
– 11h11 – Agora : Seeds and cereals: food autonomy and privatization of living organisms
– 13h13 – Participatory workshop : potions + amulets
– 15h15 – Ritual for the release of financial burdens
– 21h21 – Ritual to unbewitch the seed market
– 23h23 – Ritual to unbewitch the cereal market

Samedi 24 août 2019
– 11h11 – Agora : From livestock farming to livestock production: between financialization and debt, which paths?
– 13h13 – Participatory workshop: Vocal and rhythmic workshop
– 15h15 – Ritual for the release of financial burdens
– 19h19 – Ritual to unbewitch the cattle market
– 21h21 – Ritual to unbewitch the dairy market
– 22H22 – Closing ceremony

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Loop-s asbl, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Association ECLAT-Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public-Aurillac, Nuit Blanche-Bruxelles.
With the support of: La fondation Un Monde par Tous, La fondation Pour le Progrès de l’Homme, Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

Collective creation:

Julien Celdran, Luce Goutelle, Emmanuelle Nizou, Camille Lamy, Maxime Lacôme, Aline Fares, Fabrice Sabatier, Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, Ilaria Boscia, Dimitri Tuttle, Yohan Dumas, Aude Schmitter, Alix Denambride, Zelda Soussan, Arthur Lacomme, Amandine Faugère, Vincent Matyn, Suzie Suptille, Grégory Edelein, Alice Conquand, Émilie Siaut, Martin Pigeon, Gabriel Nahoum, Grégory Rivoux, Lora Verheecke, Jean-Baptiste Molina.

Thanks :

Sébastien Normand, Pauline Herbemont, Laure Olivier, les lycéens et lycéennes du lycée agricole d’Aurillac, Pierre Bardelli, Philippe Ségéric, Didier Flipo, Mathieu Goubin, Sandrine Legras, Dominique Picarrougne, Brigitte Troucelier, Gilles Lassale, Bernard Berthelier, les paysans et paysannes rencontrés sur notre chemin, Solidarités paysans, toute l’équipe du festival d’Aurillac, Véronique Loudières, Clémence Cerniaut et les cantalous pour leur accueil chaleureux.